What is our

As a full-service vacation rental company, our mission is to allow owners and guests to "rent without reservation." By providing first-class marketing, booking, rental management and concierge services, we are involved at every step of the vacation rental process, ensuring a streamlined and hassle-free experience for the owner and guest each and every time.

What is our

As a full-service vacation rental company, our mission is to allow owners and guests to "rent without reservation." By providing first-class marketing, booking, rental management and concierge services, we are involved at every step of the vacation rental process, ensuring a streamlined and hassle-free experience for the owner and guest each and every time.









How we got our start

In 2009 we booked a vacation home for a long weekend in the Hamptons with a group of friends. We found the listing through Craigslist.com, which displayed a picturesque Hampton’s home, complete with high hedges lining the property, a 20x40 in-ground pool, a salt-washed shingle exterior with perfectly manicured grounds and a modern and clean interior that could comfortably accommodate 12 people.

When we arrived at the property, there were no hedges, no pool, and the structure that laid on the property resembled something found in a war-torn village. With our hearts already at our knees, they fell a little further when the “owners” phone number was no longer in service. We got taken, and we vowed to never let that happen to anyone ever again.

Who we are

Alex Goldstein

Co-Founder and CEO

Alex Goldstein is the Co-Founder and CEO of StayMarquis. An entrepreneur at heart, Alex has been building businesses as far back as middle-school. During his college years at Wisconsin, he started what would become the largest student travel company in the state, which later merged with a national company. Alongside Alex’s travel business, Alex has been involved in the vacation rental industry since 2009 and in late 2014, ventured into building a scalable platform that would bring much needed simplicity and superior service to both owner and renter. StayMarquis officially launched in 2016.

When not in the office, you might find Alex zooming around the Hampton’s behind the controls of a small plane - likely landing in Montauk for a lobster roll.

Bryan Fedner

Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Bryan Fedner is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of StayMarquis. In 2018, Bryan left the finance world to follow his passion into the vacation rental space, where he was able to leverage his real estate and investment banking background to bring a level of institutional sophistication to the booming vacation rental niche. Bryan's favorite thing to do in the Hamptons is biking on Dune Road.

Max Schuster

Chief Revenue Officer

Max Schuster is the Chief Revenue officer of StayMarquis and a seasoned strategist, having worked closely with chief executives in a management consulting capacity across industries and geographies. This experience allows Max to build tools that enable optimized performance for all of our owners.

Max is an avid traveler and well-versed in the hospitality and travel industries, always gearing up for his next trip.

Bryan Wexler

Director of Operations

Bryan Wexler is the Director of Operations at StayMarquis. Bryan joined the team in 2019 bringing with him experience in both the venture backed startup world and the travel industry. As the Director of Operations, Bryan works to ensure every aspect of StayMarquis continues to run smoothly and efficiently.

Growing up in Long Island Bryan would take a family trip to Montauk every summer.

Jordan Flerx

Director of Sales

Jordan Flerx is the Director of Sales at StayMarquis. He joined the team in June 2020 after spending 3 years at WeWork, where he gained experience selling commercial real estate, and starting and scaling sales teams. Jordan’s passion for sales and working with people, led him to StayMarquis, where his role is to build the sales team, strategy, and process. Jordan’s favorite part of the Hamptons is Montauk, where he can usually be found playing golf at Montauk Downs.

Kelly Mei

Strategy and Operations Manager

Kelly Mei is the Strategy and Operations Manager at StayMarquis. Prior to StayMarquis, Kelly worked as an operations specialist at two Fintech companies based in New York City, Oscar Health and Policygenius. Kelly's experience working in high growth industries such as insurance tech drives his passion for the vacation rental space as he recognizes the inefficiencies in an industry that is ripe for disruption.

When not in the office, you can find Kelly hiking a trail along the coast of Montauk or in the hills of Upstate New York.

Cathy Munster

President of Rental Management

Cathy Munster is the President of Rental Management at StayMarquis. Cathy began her career in the cleaning and property management business in 1996. In 2006, Cathy started her own cleaning and property management company servicing Nassau and Suffolk County including the Hamptons. With 20+ years of experience working with homeowners, vacation properties, travelers, cleaning teams and service providers, leading StayMarquis' on-the-ground operations was the logical next step. When Cathy is not working, you'll be able to find her on a boat or at the beach.

Aaron Greenbaum

Vice President of Rental Management

Aaron Greenbaum is the Vice President of Rental Management at StayMarquis. Aaron joined the team to ensure on-ground operations are meeting both owners and travelers’ expectations. Aaron comes from an extensive background in property management where he previously assisted owners with estate upkeep and rental management. He is extremely passionate about improving client’s homes appearance and functionality.

When Aaron is out of the office you can catch him grabbing lunch at Cittanuova, going to Ditch Plains for some afternoon sun, and catching the sunset at Duryea’s Lobster Deck.

Holly Gleason

Travel Specialist

Holly Gleason is the Travel Specialist at StayMarquis. She joined the Marquis team at the beginning of 2018 and her role as an active liaison between travelers and homeowners ensures everyone has the best experience when working with Marquis. Wearing many hats is an integral part of Holly’s background, where she has worked extensively with independent business owners and small startups in industries as varied as publishing and fashion.

Holly spent her childhood summers out east at her family’s home in East Hampton.

Jody Brahms

Owner Success Specialist

Jody Brahms is an Owner Success Specialist at StayMarquis. Jody began her career working at one of the premier summer camps in Pennsylvania, holding several leadership positions before assuming the role of Associate Director. More recently, she was the customer service director at a large travel company. With a background in hospitality and client services, Jody is passionate about using her past experiences to help StayMarquis owners succeed in these competitive markets. She views the online vacation rental space as the future of travel and is excited to be pivoting into this dynamic industry.

When Jody is out of the office, you can find her running along the beach our hitting the hiking trails upstate.

Breese Pickel

Guest Experience Manager

Breese is the Guest Experience Manager at StayMarquis. With an extensive background in hospitality, Breese joined the Marquis team in December of 2019 to ensure that all Marquis guests thoroughly enjoy the home and neighborhood when renting a Marquis property. When Breese isn't making guests feel right at home, you can find him with a camera in hand capturing photos throughout the Hamptons.

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