Utilities Disclaimer

The age-old question: “Who’s responsible for utilities – the guest or the host”? It’s a question that is asked over and over again, so the purpose of this page is to put this debate to rest. The table below shows each utility and the party that is responsible for bearing that cost depending on the duration of the booking. Unless otherwise expressly agreed upon prior to booking, the table below shall govern any dispute between guest and host with respect to the party responsible for the cost of utilities:

Cost Burden
Utility Short-Term
(1-13 nights)
(14-27 nights)
(28 nights or more)
Electricity Owner Traveler Traveler
Public Water Owner Traveler Traveler
Pool Heating Traveler Traveler Traveler
Heating Oil/Propane/Natural Gas Owner Owner Traveler
Telephone Service Owner Owner Traveler
Cable/Satellite Television Owner Owner Traveler
High Speed Internet Owner Owner Traveler
Security System Owner Owner Owner
Maid Service/Cleaning Service Traveler Traveler Traveler
Pool & Hot Tub Cleaning/Maintenance Owner Owner Traveler
On-Demand Order (Movie, PPV, etc.) Traveler Traveler Traveler
Garbage Removal Owner Owner Traveler
Lawn Mowing Owner Owner Traveler
Garden & Grounds Maintenance Owner Owner Traveler
Tick Spray Owner Owner Traveler
Pest Control Owner Owner Traveler
Seasonal Swim Pool Opening Owner Owner Owner
Seasonal Swim Pool Closing Owner Owner Owner
Spring Clean Up Owner Owner Owner
Fall Cleanup Owner Owner Owner
Snow Removal Owner Owner Traveler

For bookings that are for 1 to 13 nights, the guest is responsible for pool heating, cleaning service and on-demand orders. For bookings that are for 14 to 27 nights, the guest is responsible for all aforementioned utilities plus electricity, and public water. For bookings that are 28 nights or more, the guest is responsible for all aforementioned utilities plus heating oil, propane and natural gas, telephone service, cable/satellite television, internet, pool and hot tub cleaning/maintenance, refuse removal, landscaping, garden and grounds maintenance, tick spray, pest control, and snow removal.

Because most utility invoices are sent to the host on a monthly basis, the host reserves the right to hold back the security deposit for the associated booking until all utility invoices are collected. For any utility that has to be pro-rated, the host must show proof of the guest’s usage of the utility in question during the period of the guest’s stay. Additionally, the cost of any utility not mentioned above may be borne by the guest, but must be expressly agreed upon by both parties prior to booking.


If you have further questions about the treatment of utilities, please contact us.

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